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The boys are in LOVE with their puppies.  
Obi-Wan aka Chase is Wills and Harrison
decided to  named his puppy Jar Jar Binks
aka Dingo.

Yvonne T.

We just adore him. He is
definitely growing to be quite
the handsome pup! He gets
along great with the other
dogs in the neighborhood, so
well behaved, and just overall
a friendly fella. He has been
a wonderful addition to our
family and we wanted to say
thank you for giving us a
wonderful KOBE is great with
my 6 yr old addition to our
We recently purchased a beautiful Beagle male puppy from The
Hensleys and everything went very smoothly. We were a bit
anxious due to the nature of purchasing from online and not
having seen or held the puppy, but they provided great pictures
of him and kept in contact with us right up to the flight date,
making sure we had all the necessary documents to pick him up.
The day of the arrival, we were also anxious as we were worried
as we lived half way across the country. Loki, our puppy, was shy
and tired, but the crate (provided in the purchase cost) was huge
and filled with food and water. I brought one of my own blankets
and snuggled him in it for the ride home, quietly talking to him
and petting him the whole way. He fell asleep in minutes.
The vet checked him out as soon as possible and gave him a
100% healthy. All in all...the whole purchase experience was
uneventful, with no surprises. If you have doubts about
purchasing a puppy from Nuts4Pups,  Mrs. Fairy Hensley, send us
a facebook question on our page PureGrimm83 and we will be
happy to answer any questions you have about the experience.
The Callahans. 01/10/2016
Toby with
his new
Fairy, I just wanted to let you know Marley (renamed Lucy)
has stolen our hearts. She is beyond our expectations in
looks and personality. From the minute she stepped out of
the carrier she fit right in. We are beyond pleased with her.
She's a fast learner and pretty much has the run of the farm
and us. We wouldn't trade her for anything. This little rascal
never takes a bad picture. Can't even tell you how much we
love her. Even our German Short hair pointer has been
showing her the ropes around here and watches her
Daisy and her new best friends!
She is absolutely wonderful and getting
so big already!!!! She is perfect for us.
Thank you so much for helping us find our

We have now had Daisy for 3 years and she is one of the best
beagles we have owned.  She is absolutely wonderful with our
children and we have a daughter who is very loving on a dog.  
She is such a perfect addition to our family.
We love this little guy. Duke brings so much joy to
our family. This picture was taken in June with our
daughter Haley. Duke is the cutest Beagle I've
seen. We have several Beagles in our
neighborhood and he enjoys his play time with

Fondly, Leslie

I would like to thank you for your
patience with us in purchasing Luke.
This was a brand new experience to
us and you were very helpful. He has
adjusted fine in his new environment.  
Attached is a picture of Luke wearing
a hat.

We received the new member to our
family and he is a joy. Thank you so
much! Our other dog is adjusting to
him beautifully and Jaime acts as if he
has been here forever. We have
already fallen in love with him. I am
recommending your service every
chance that I have. God bless you!

Dr. Ida
Hello from snowy New England.....  
Abby update. Yes we changed her
name... She answers to it which I
was worried  about... She is doing
great  She has been here for a
month.   Abby has been in all ten
rooms in the house. I had  her in a
playyard  in the kitchen   dinning  
room  that lasted two days she
climbed out. she loves to eat my
shag rugs.... You cared for her
great The Vet loves her..... Loves
the seawall she sits and watches
the birds.... goes to the park daily
with the grandchildren..
Hi Fairy ! Just wanted to send
you some pictures of Maxx
(aka:Tommy) and how big he has
gotten. We can't thank you
enough for this little bundle of joy
(: he is so sweet and playful and
LOVES to cuddle and just be
close to people (he's always
sneaking onto laps) we could not
have asked for a more well
behaved adorable little man.  The
first photo is yours. But the
second and last photo are from a
few days ago (:
Thanks again (: maybe we will
get him a friend soon (: !
Just a quick note to let you know how
pleased we are with our Beagle Larry. He is
everything we had ever wished for. The
process was very easy and simple. We had
never purchased a beagle without seeing
them first. He is so adorable, great
temperament and loves people. 100%
healthy. We recommend you anytime we
can. We get a lot of compliments about him.
Larry is now two years old and we could not
be more happy with him. Thank you and
hope all is well.  Debbie
We renamed Champ to Vinny and we are
all already completely in love with him.
Vinny seems to idealize our jack russel and
our jack russel seems totally open to
tolerate Vinny.

This has been my first time going through
this adoption process and thanks to you, it
was all very easy.

Thank you so much!
Happy Holidays!

We hope you had a wonderful
Christmas and have a great new
year! We want to thank you for
our sweet Finley. We can’t believe
she’s already almost 8 months old.
She is so smart and has turned
out to be quite the adventure dog-
she loves going on hikes, beach
trips, and car rides with us. I have
had so many people stop me and
ask me where I got her and I send
them your way every time! Thank
you for raising such sweet and
healthy pups.
We wish you and Don the best in
We cannot believe that it’s been over a year since we put a
deposit down and were preparing to welcome this sweet girl.
She has given us a run for our money but we wouldn’t have it
any other way. She is the most well rounded and sweetest dog
we have met. She loves adventure and has traveled all around
California hiking and exploring with me.
My husband and I are hoping to welcome another beagle in a
year or two and we will be going through you guys of course.
Here are some pictures of her from the last couple of months
on her most recent adventures! Hope you enjoy.
Glad to hear you are all well.. .. He is such a joy.. I love him
bunches.. . God Bless.. will send more pics  this Spring and
Today is Bandit’s birthday and we are getting ready to celebrate
his special day!   I baked cookies and our neighbors are coming
over for dinner to join us in the celebration.  

I never thought I could love another beagle after putting Bogey
down, but Bandit has stolen my heart and I’m crazy in love with
him.  He’s been through serious training and I can now walk
him off leash.  He’s very smart.  

I see another litter was born after Bandit. Beautiful puppies!!

I hope this e-mail finds you and your family healthy.  Stay safe
and please take good care of yourself.  

God bless you and yours,
Hi Fairy,
We are loving our puppies!( Penny and Holly) . They are so fun. They are two
different personalities. And they are like two peas in a pod! I’m so glad we got
the both of them. We love them!
We changed their names to Rosie and Dixie.   I just wanted to send some
I hope all is well.
Thank you,
Hi Fairy! I hope you are well.
We wanted to give you an update on Daisy. �� She’s doing well and is your typical
teenager �� She’s grown so much since we brought her home. Daisy is definitely a
good fit for our family. Here are some pictures since she’s been home with us. ❤️